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CF12 Rotary Midi Controller | CircleFade

The CF12 is a rotary Midi controller inspired by old school HiFi gear. Great audio equipment handcrafted in France.

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CircleFade CF12 is a great addition to a live setup, with its 12 fully mappable knobs you get complete software control.

Midi map Audio, Plug ins and Midi effects. Record automations with ease. Jam and get inspired.

• USB Port (2.0 standard-A type connector).

• Linear ALPHA Potentiometers.

 ATMEGA32U4 Processor

 Midi channel 14

• CC Values: CC20-CC31

 7 bits resolution

• Exponential & Crossfade modes

Physical Characteristics:
• Aluminium knobs

• Varnished beech wood

• High quality steel panel

Peso 1500 g
Dimensiones 26 × 21 × 17 cm

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